Excellent study opportunities

The Faculty of Theology offers excellent study opportunities to its students. Our focus is always on an open, transparent communication between students and lecturers.

Good study opportunities

  • interesting topics of courses (students´ wishes are taken into account)
  • small-size study groups
  • optional modules also in the Bachelor of Competences in Didactics (good evaluation results)
  • open communication between students and lecturers
  • fostering of independent thinking and learning
  • holiday language courses
  • Domestic and international excursions
  • Project week


Of particular importance for beginners:

  • intensive student advisory services
  • support in the study orientation process
  • introductory week
  • introduction module accompanied by tutorials
  • holiday language courses


Of particular importance in stage II studies, resp. Master programme/for those who change their subject:

  • interesting topics of courses
  • personal promotion of students with an interest in science


Of particular importance for exam candidates:

  • an excellently equipped specialist library
  • many study groups
  • exam coaching in the integration modules
  • revision courses