Qualified training for the teaching profession

We offer comprehensive training to students of the courses of Bachelor and Master studies of Protestant Religious Education covering two subjects. We set great store by a close intertwinement of specialist knowledge and specialist didactics. By reducing the number of obligatory courses in the course of BA studies we additionally encourage students to set their own study focus individually.

About half of the students at the Faculty of Theology at Kiel University study to become grammar school teachers (the other study courses for the teaching profession are located in Flensburg). The Faculty sets great store by a high-quality training for the teaching profession.

We pay particular attention to a sound scientific and specialist education that gives students the necessary foundation for the profession of teaching religious education.

Our didactic training is carried out in close contact with school practice. We intertwine science and didactics early on in the studies, since this is indispensable for high-quality religious education.

In your Bachelor studies at Kiel you already start to go beyond taking mandatory courses. You get the opportunity to set your own focus by reducing the number of mandatory courses, giving you room to take the courses you choose and an optional module which you fill according to your own inclination and interest. We want to foster your independent religious and theological judgement and encourage you to think for yourself.

In the course of study we already take religious plurality at school into account, which religious educators face today. To investigate how religious plurality is handled in Protestant religious education, there currently is an empirical research project which involves students, too. Also, the faculty is active in empirical education research and offers introductory classes for students.

Master students with a particular scientific interest are promoted throughout their studies and have good opportunities for obtaining a doctorate.