Institute of New Testament Studies and Judaism


The Institute of New Testament Studies comprises the following two chairs:

Chair of Theology and History of Literature of the New Testament, Prof. Dr. Christiane Zimmermann (Representative of the chair)

Chair of History and Archaeology of Early Christianity and its environment, Prof. Dr. Enno Edzard Popkes.

Tasks and focus of the Institute:

The members of the institute teach and research the history of early Christianity in the first two centuries and the history of ancient Judaism. 

  • The theological-historical aspect investigates the religious utterances of the various Christian and Jewish groups;
  • the social history aspect, their social framework conditions;
  • the religious history aspect, their pagan environment particularly in the Hellenistic-Roman cultural space. The latter is revealed not only through literary but also through epigraphic and archaeological documents.
  • The hermeneutical aspect of New Testament Studies looks at the ancient texts with a view to their relevance for present-day teaching and life, developing criteria for how to reach such statements relating to the present time.
  • The aspect of historical influence follows the potential of significance and innovation which particularly New Testament texts have had in the course of church history – a new direction of research supplying valuable material to the hermeneutic discussion.


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