Institute of Practical Theology


The Institute of Practical Theology comprises the following two chairs:

Chair of Didactics of Religious Education/Practical Theology focusing on homiletics and church theory, Prof. Dr. Uta Pohl-Patalong

 Chair of Practical Theology focusing on diaconics, poimenics and Christian journalism, Prof. Dr. Sabine Bobert

Tasks and focus of the Institute:

Practical theology is “practical” because it deals with the religious practice of people – individually, in church and in society. Practical theology asks how people today believe, hope, doubt, love and ask about the meaning of life.

It attentively perceives the present forms of religion and religiousness and looks for ways to support and foster them. This is possible only in close contact with other sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, communication science, literary science and media science.

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