Institute of Systematic Theology


The Institute of Systematic Theology comprises the following two chairs:

Chair of Systematic Theology focusing on Dogmatics,
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosenau.

Chair of Systematic Theology focusing on Ethics,
Prof. Dr. André Munzinger.

Tasks and focus of the Institute:

With a view to the present cultural situation, systematic theology discusses the essential convictions of Christian faith according to the notion of the Reformation with a view to understanding and shaping reality. Systematic theology is broken down into dogmatics (doctrine of faith) and ethics (orientation for action); complemented by the theological doctrine of principles. It is of particular significance for systematic theology to take a look at neighbouring sciences such as philosophy, sociology, religious history, religious studies. Read on here… The thematic priority of systematic theology in Kiel includes the evolution of dogmatics and philosophy of religion and the history of theology since the Enlightenment.

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