History of the Faculty of Theology Part IV

Heads of the Faculty of Theology since 1945

In the following decades there was a marked change concerning the number of chairs, their holders, and the faculty structure. The number of professorships rose to eleven and is now ten in accordance with the Structure Plan II of Kiel University, adopted in the autumn of 2000. The following professors with civil servant status were active at the faculty, listed according to their subjects and years of tenure:

  • Old Testament: Hans Wilhelm Hertzberg 1947-1963, Walter Beyerlin 1963-1973, Fritz Maass 1964-1969, Werner Hugo Schmidt 1969-1978, Martin Metzger 1974-1993, Herbert Donner 1980-1995, Ulrich Hübner since 1995, Rüdiger Bartelmus 1995-2009, Markus Saur since 2009.
  • New Testament: Rudolf Schneider 1946-1956, Heinrich Greeven 1956-1964, Eduard Lohse 1956 and 1962-1964, Ferdinand Hahn 1964-1968, Günter Klein 1964-1967, Gerhard Friedrich 1953-1954 and 1968-1976, Jürgen Becker 1969-2000, Ulrich Luck 1977-1992, Peter Lampe 1992-1999, Dieter Sänger since 2000, Reinhard von Bendemann 2002-2008, Enno Edzard Popkes since 2010.
  • Church History: Walter Göbell 1957-1976, Heinrich Kraft 1958 and 1963-1983, Gottfried Maron 1976-1993, Reinhart Staats 1984-2002, Johannes Schilling since 1993, Jörg Ulrich 2002, Andreas Müller since 2009.
  • Systematic Theology: Werner Schultz 1950 and 1956-1962, Hans Engelland 1963-1970, Hans-Joachim Birkner 1969-1991, Eberhard Wölfel 1971-1992, Christoph Schwöbel 1993-1999, Hartmut Kreß 1993-2000, Günter Meckenstock 1994-2013, Hartmut Rosenau since 2000, André Munzinger since  2014.
  • Praktische Theologie: Georg Hoffmann 1956-1970, Joachim Scharfenberg 1971-1992, Wolfgang Steck 1978-1984, Reiner Preul since 1986, Reinhard Schmidt-Rost 1992-1999, Sabine Bobert since 2001, Uta Pohl-Patalong since 2007.


Restructuring of the faculty in 1977

In 1977 the structure of the faculty was essentially changed by a new organisation of its bodies. The Practical-Theological Institute (originating from the Institute of Homiletics founded by Cramer 1775) became the then fifth Institute of Practical Theology in 1977. In 1977 the Schleiermacher Research Centre, founded in 1967, was added as the sixth institute, which since 2003 is a pure research institute. The faculty hosts the Gesenius Centre, founded in 1983, and runs the Kiel Image Database on the Middle East (KiBiDaNO) headed by the Institute for Old Testament Science and Biblical Archaelogy. The faculty is actively involved in work of the Gustav Radbruch Network for Philosophy and Ethics of the Environment at the Faculty of Philosophy with its professorship for Systematic Theology/Ethics.

The Faculty of Theology today    

With its five institutes and ten professorships altogether, the Faculty of Theology is involved in numerous national and international research projects and maintains national as well as international cooperations, providing for an exchange in research, studies and teaching.