Summer Semester 2014

Prof. Dr. Markus Saur is appointed Dean.

The Kieler Woche lecture 

by Prof. Dr. Gesine Robinson, Claremont Graduate University, was attended by a large audience.

In June 2014 the excursion of the Institute of New Testament Studies and Judaism on: "Biblical Text Studies was organised.

In May 2014 the New Testament research colloquium Tartu-Kiel was held.

In the summer of 2014 Prof. Dr. Ralph Kunz, University of Zürich, Professor of Practical Theology with a focus on homiletics, liturgy and poimenics, and Prof. Dr. Jens Holger Schjørring, church historian at Aarhus University, were guest lecturers at the Faculty of Theology.

University Day of the Faculty of Theology, Dies Theologicus on 21 May 2014: A small faculty with a great mission, Press release.