Winter Semester 2015/2016

On Monday, October 5, 2015, the Prayer for Peace was held in the University Church. Prayer for peace

Report from the Conference of Faculties of Protestand Theology, October 8 to 10, 2015:

From 8-10 October 2015 the Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology was held in Kiel at the invitation of CAU. All faculties of Protestant Theology and Institutes of Protestant Theology are members of the Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology, represented by their deans and another member of the respective institute. The Conference of Faculties discusses issues concerning the organisation and coordination of research and teaching of the faculties of Protestant Theology of the Federal Republic of Germany and acts as a representative of its members vis-à-vis the outside world.

The Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology was opened on Thursday evening with a reception by the Faculty of Theology of CAU at the Kieler Kunsthalle. In his welcoming address, Landtag Deputy Chairman Bernd Heinemann stressed the necessity of cooperation of the Faculty of Theology with the political decision makers, with a view to the development of religious eduction for instance. Mayor Peter Todeskino welcomed the participants of the Conference in the state capital, referred to current challenges by the large number of refugees in the city and gave an overview over debates currently held in the state capital. The chancellor of CAU, Frank Eisoldt, in his opening address reminded the audience that the Faculty of Theology was one of the founding faculties of CAU and has been playing a major role within the university since 1665, currently, for example, in the Gustav Radbruch Network for Environmental Philosophy and Ethics as well as in several joint projects with the Faculty of Philosophy. The Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Kiel, Prof. Dr. Markus Saur, in his welcoming speech pointed out that it is in the common interest of theology, society and Protestant churches to offer a theologically sound education and training of future pastors and teachers of religious education within the university and thus before the public eye, to prevent any isolation, either self-inflicted or caused from the outside, of the scientific discourse concerning questions of religion.

The Faculties Conference, which convened on Friday and Saturday at the Schleswig Holstein Hall of the Landeshaus, addressed questions within the context of education, for instance the evaluation of the ongoing study courses at faculties of theology, discussed new courses at faculties of theology and adopted a recommendation for a resolution on precarious work situations of academic employees to the effect that work contracts should cover a term of at least three years. Moreover, important decisions concerning the staff had to be taken, such as the election of the new chair of the Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology.

On Friday evening the Protestant Lutheran Church in Northern Germany hosted a reception in the Nikolaikirche in Kiel. In his speech Bishop Gerhard Ulrich emphasised the necessity of theological work for the Protestant churches and pointed out that theologians with a scientific education are much sought-after interlocutors in a number of societal situations. The faculties of theology, according to Ulrich, make a major contribution to church and society in their research and teaching. The chair of the Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology, Prof. Dr. Michael Moxter (University of Hamburg) underlined in his contribution not only the necessity of joint consultations and decisions of all faculties and institutes of theology in the interest of maintaining a high scientific standard, but also referred to the significance of religious education in schools, fow which study courses at a high scientific level are indispensable.

On Saturday Prof. Dr. Michael Moxter was relieved of his duties as chair of the Faculties Conference after being given much thanks for his work. His successor is Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kinzig (University of Bonn), who has hitherto been deputy chair. Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder (University of Göttingen) was elected new deputy chair of the Conference of Faculties of Protestant Theology.

Lecture Series

At the end of the anniversary year 2015 the Faculty of Theology of CAU offered a lecture series entitled

"Theology in the North. Perspectives and self-reflection of the Faculty of Theology of CAU in its 350th year"

Representatives of the Faculty demonstated in five speeches the current foci of research and the prospects for the individual subjects of theology resulting from them, but also for Protestant theology as a whole.

The lecture series was held between 8 December 2015 and 26 January 2016.