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Innovative Training Network “Societal relevance of Protestant Churches in Europe”





The issue of the planned Initial Training Network is the societal and civic contribution of actors of protestant Churches on a local and regional level as responsible and relevant political and societal forces within the European context.

It shall be investigated, how these actors deal with the societal challenges, needs and frictions, in concrete: how and with which reasoning and logic such processes are conducted. This will be examined by looking at exemplary issues and fields of civic engagement within different church contexts. Starting point of the project is the perception, that actors in the context of protestant churches (be it groups, movements, parishes or larger institutions) are involved in diverse fields of civic and social action. The hypothesis is that they develop certain innovative ways, which can contribute to the common good in the European context. The hermeneutical foundation of the project is that within such processes of civic involvement an interdependence of theoretical understanding (like on the meaning of responsibility) and societal practice can be identified.


The project is directed at young theologians that are interested in scientific research as well as in questions of civil society. In the context of the project they shall exemplarily observe the civic engagement of church actors and reflect these in the theoretical perspective of their theological meaning and civic relevance. From these perceptions and reflections they shall be enabled to develop innovative ways of committing themselves and getting involved into civic engagement within their own professional practice in the future.