Clerical Profession/Diploma

Information about programmes leading to an Ecclesiastical Degree or Diploma.

DKA Diploma/Ecclesiastical Degree (for those beginning their studies in the winter semester of 2010/2011 or later)

The DKA programme organisationally combines the two theological courses of study that lead to the degrees of Diploma, resp. Ecclesiastical Degree. The structure combines the requirements of the Diploma Examination Regulations of the Faculty of Theology of KU with those of the Regulations for the 1st Theological Examination of the North Church and the Framework Regulations of the Protestant Theological Faculties Convention. The DKA programme has a modular structure, but is not broken down into a Bachelor and a Master stage. Instead of the intermediate exam which used to be the rule, a module entitled “Basic Knowledge of Theology” must be taken approximately after half the course of study. 

For your further information you can find the most important documents and regulations here: The Study Regulations contain the legal basis of your respective course of study; the Module Manual informs you about the essential study schedules and the content of the mandatory modules. The module overview summarises the structure of your studies for a quick glance. The course book documents the progress of your studies, please print it out and get a folder for it at the Dean´s office! As a service to you and for your orientation we have also compiled some tried and tested suggestions for successful stage I studies (mainly differing with regard to language acquisition, resp. languages already acquired). 

For further information please also note the webpages of the Examination Office of the Faculty of Theology by all means (where you can download various forms) and the FAQ – the list of frequently asked questions on the DKA course of study.

The contact for your queries concerning studies is the Faculty Commissioner for Matters of Teaching, Studies and Examinations.


Extract from the Examination Regulations

Recommendations on study schedules for phase I studies: