Interdisciplinary and interdenominational orientation

Interkonfessionelle Ausrichtung
CC BY-SA , Montage aus (von links nach rechts): Die Fazl-Moschee, erste Moschee in London,  Quelle, Evangelische Stadtkirche in Schriesheim (Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland; CC BY-SA, Fotograf: 4028mdk09, Quelle, Weingarten (Württemberg), Landkreis Ravensburg Evangelische Kirche, Hahn als Turmbekrönung, CC BY, Fotograf: Andreas Praefcke,   Quelle, Berlin, Germany: Neue Synagoge, CC BY, Fotograf: Andreas Praefcke,  Quelle


Open, interdisciplinary and interdenominational: As a student of the Faculty of Theology you learn to think outside the box. The interdisciplinary orientation of the Faculty is enabled by cooperation with numerous institutions of other faculties at Kiel University.

  • Interdisciplinary and interdenominational orientation
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and research projects
  • Membership of the Gustav Radbruch Network of the university
  • Contacts to Orthodox theology and church



Photo credits:

Interdenominational orientation. CC BY-SA, photomontage from (left to right) Fazl Mosque, first mosque in London, Source,

Protestant town church in Schriesheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany; CC BY-SA, photographer: 4028mdk09, Source,

Weingarten (Württemberg), District of Ravensburg Protestant church, rooster on the spire, CC BY, photographer: Andreas Praefcke, Source,

Berlin, Germany: New synagogue, CC BY, photographer: Andreas Praefcke, Source