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Useful Things to Know

As a student of theology you have access to support devices such as exegesis programmes. To this end we have compiled information on the Campus licence of Bibleworks 8.0 and other support devices.

The Kiel guidelines for essay writing are also available for downloading. Read on here.


92% of all students applying for a grant do so with only 0.8% of foundations (Allensbach survey 2010: “Great demand, little funding. Study financing 2010”). Read on here.

Departmental Student Organisation

The Departmental Student Organisation is the representative body of students of the Faculty, which is regularly elected once a year by the students of the Faculty of Theology.

One of its tasks is to represent the interests of all students at the Faculty. It cooperates with the faculty bodies, offers study counselling and of course also plans the next Departmental Student Organisation party. Read on here.