Mission Statement of the Faculty of Theology

Profile of the Faculty of Theology

Within the framework of the state university, the Faculty of Theology is mainly committed to the academic education of prospective pastors and grammar school teachers for the subject of Protestant theology. Moreover it is involved in several courses of study, graduate colleges and research foci of other faculties. The linguistic, historical, logical, philosophical and humanities-related thinking taught in the studies means a simultaneous obtaining of scientific and social skills that are in demand in other societal fields, too.


The Faculty of Theology is closely linked to the Protestant Lutheran Church of Northern Germany and the State of Schleswig-Holstein through its major courses of study with the degrees of Diploma/Ecclesiastical Degree (Diplom/Kirchlicher Abschluss (DKA)), Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Education (MEd) as well as the opportunity of a doctorate (Dr. theol.) and habilitation. Its existence is regulated by the Agreement between Church and State of April 23th, 1957 (section 4 paragraph 1). It is denominationally linked to the reformation shaped by Martin Luther and has an overall cultural and theological profile that manifests itself in the Master programme “Religion and Ethics”, among other things.

Tasks of the Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology considers it its task to comprehensively represent the entire field of theology in research and teaching and, against this backdrop, to teach the knowledge and the skills required to give an appropriate representation of the Christian understanding of reality, in accordance with the scientific standards customary for universities.

The execution of this task is reflected in the differentiation of the theological subjects and disciplines. Alongside the three biblical-historical disciplines of Old Testament, New Testament and Church History that investigate the foundations and development of the Christian faith including its institutional embodiments there are the two disciplines of Systematic and Practical Theology that deal with the contemporary awareness of faith within the context of education, culture and science as well as within the reflection field of societal, ecclesiastical and educational action.